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Doberman King

Doberman KingDoberman King Picture No 2Doberman King Picture No 3Doberman King Picture No 4Doberman King Picture No 5Doberman King Picture No 6Doberman King Picture No 7Doberman King Picture No 8Doberman King Picture No 9Doberman King Picture No 10Doberman King Picture No 11
Doberman King

    My name is King, aka Kick and for the ladies KiKi

    About me: I like joggers; the quicker they run the more I like 'em.

    Video : Singing in the rain


    Father / MotherGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
    Eko Royal Bell
    F'Hiram-Abif Royal Bell
    Eboni vom Residenzschloss
    Hilo von Nemesis
    Brahms vom Hanseaten
    Castella von Nemesis
    Atlanta von Nemesis
    Baron Nike Renewal
    Fedor del Nasi
    Akuna-Matata de Grande Vinko
    Jamaica von Nemesis
    Lord vom Märchengarten
    Atlanta von Nemesis
    Aspen von Karat

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