Doberman King

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Doberman Pacha

Doberman PachaDoberman Pacha Picture No 2Doberman Pacha Picture No 3Doberman Pacha Picture No 4Doberman Pacha Picture No 5Doberman Pacha Picture No 6Doberman Pacha Picture No 7Doberman Pacha Picture No 8Doberman Pacha Picture No 9Doberman Pacha Picture No 10Doberman Pacha Picture No 11Doberman Pacha Picture No 12Doberman Pacha Picture No 13Doberman Pacha Picture No 14Doberman Pacha Picture No 15Doberman Pacha Picture No 16Doberman Pacha Picture No 17Doberman Pacha Picture No 18Doberman Pacha Picture No 19Doberman Pacha Picture No 20Doberman Pacha Picture No 21Doberman Pacha Picture No 22Doberman Pacha Picture No 23Doberman Pacha Picture No 24
Doberman Pacha

Product description

Pacha is an extremely gentle male. He is also an excellent guardian and will give kisses to your visitors.

Video : Pacha the Doberman


Father / MotherGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Eick von der Rappenau D - VDH/DZB. 100663 DZB 000059/00000 Champion -CS IB, Chamipon -De.B
Borg vom Norden Stamm AKC. WP368300/04 LOF 2 DOB. 050234/06500 Premier Choix Dys.- B
Chib. CH.AL. Kalina vom Norden Stamm AKC. WP363972/01
Jessy vom Gebrannten Walde LOF 2 DOB. 053174/07411 Premier Choix
Baron Bryan vom Harrosberg NHSB. 1419756 - (HOLL.) - 000338/0000 Champion -CS IB, Champion -De.B Be.B NL.B AT.B
Elena vom Druidenstein LOF 2 DOB. 044443/07098
Ch. All. Victoria vom Druidenstein LOF 2 DOB. 034102/05453
Hargos V.H. Wantij NL - NHSB. 1479453 NHSB 000406/00000 Champion -CS IB, Champion -De.B Be.B NL.B
Fagor du Castel Tolosane LOF 2 DOB. 045796/06271 Dys.- A
Danae de la Lande Sempau LOF 2 DOB. 041817/06733
Maud de la Vallee des Crocs Blancs LOF 2 DOB. 057066/09106
Kimbertal's Rover of Pride AKC. WG 195207 LOF 2 DOB. 048178/06234 Dys.- A
Inouk d'Arguiller d'Anjou LOF 2 DOB. 051856/08199
Fionie d'Arguiller d'Anjou LOF 2 DOB. 044733/07176

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