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This 2 year old female has extremely good breeding prospects. Her character, shape and origins make her a perfectly precious future...

CHF 2'800.00

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Big Kiss

Big Kiss is a superb, 6 month old English cocker spaniel. He is destined to become a multi champion in agility and shows great promise...

CHF 2'999.00

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Blacky ressembles a dachshund, which is probably the origin of his mother and father. At any rate, he is a very brave dog and will...

CHF 1'900.00

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Bob is a young English cocker spaniel full of talent. He would like to become a police dog when he grows up.

CHF 3'200.00

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Bouba is a sturdy, tawny coloured boxer with a black mask. Only for sale to someone who practises body-building ... Biceps guaranteed.

CHF 3'100.00

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Charlie needs to go to the hairdresser every month. Cut, brushing, permanent and rollers. Otherwise, he's a perfectly great fellow....

CHF 1'800.00

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Chivas has a strong character and is not afraid to show it. This adorable little dog will be so happy to see you come home in the...

CHF 1'600.00

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Cookies is as sweet as pie, 12kg of sweetness!!

CHF 4'200.00

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Corn-coloured Mira

With Mira you'll have sunshine in your home all year round. Your children will have an ideal playmate.

CHF 2'500.00

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This dog is a very rare specimen we found in the USA. He can only live freely in wide open spaces. Forget about cuddles by the fireside...

CHF 8'700.00

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Cuba is 4 years old. He is adorable with children and loves eating. I strongly suggest that you buy a big frige and take advantage...

CHF 3'000.00

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Diana is a suberb spaniel who loves strutting along cafe terraces. Maybe she's waiting for her future partner to go dancing.

CHF 1'800.00

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New Doberman Cesar

Cesar is a brown male with unrivalled elegance. His teeth are very sharp, but he only likes chocolate cake ! Sometimes the mailman,...

CHF 2'500.00

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Doberman Ilox

Ilox is a strong-willed, fearless Dobermann. Nothing startles him. His loyal and obedient nature makes him an excellent family dog.

5 (3)

CHF 4'000.00

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Doberman King

About me: I like joggers; the quicker they run the more I like 'em.

5 (1)

CHF 3'200.00

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Doberman Milady

Milady personifies the "doberwoman". She is the most fresh and feminine version we have to offer.

CHF 3'500.00

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Doberman Pacha

Pacha is an extremely gentle male. He is also an excellent guardian and will give kisses to your visitors.

CHF 2'800.00CHF 2'400.00

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Dudu of the Dukes

Dudu of the Dukes is a beauceron crossed with a labrador and is three years old. He knows how to clear the living room table and...

CHF 2'300.00

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Fiesta del Sol

Fiesta is a true circus performer. She has more that one trick up her sleeve. Posing for pictures is her favourite pastime!!

CHF 3'000.00

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Gizmo is a little dog destined only for sensible people. Be careful not to dip him in water after midnight or he may multiply, and...

CHF 3'200.00

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