New Tesla

CHF 125'000.00

Smart Roadster

CHF 21'000.00

Hyundai Getz

CHF 11'000.00



Alfa Romeo Distinctive 147

This distinctive Alfa Romeo 147 has a colour to make the girls fall!

CHF 21'000.00

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Alfa Romeo GT

This Alfa Romeo is both classy and sporty.

CHF 40'000.00

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Audi A4 Black

This model is ideal for professionals used to covering long distances on a daily basis.

CHF 16'000.00

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Audi A4 Grey

A genuine pleasure to drive this car made to gobble up kilometres.

CHF 25'000.00

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Audi A4 V6

A powerful, spacious car which is perfect for driving in the snow.

CHF 27'000.00

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Audi RS6

The top of the tops!

5 (1)

CHF 93'000.00CHF 82'000.00

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Audi TT

Did you see James Bond 007? He just went by in his TT.

CHF 60'000.00

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BMW 120D

This car expresses character.

CHF 28'000.00

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BMW 130i Grey

Try it and you'll adopt it!

CHF 49'000.00

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New BMW 130i White

You will surely fall for this beauty!

CHF 58'000.00

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Bus VW LT 31

If you are an adventurer, this commercial car will suit you perfectly.

CHF 11'000.00

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Citroën C3

This meticulous looking car will immediately appeal to you.

CHF 18'000.00

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Citroën Xsara

You need a spacious boot and you're looking for a station wagon?

CHF 9'000.00

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Excalibur Series III Phaeton

The Excalibur is a car created by Brooks Stevens that looks like a Mercedes SSK of the year 1928. It is based on the technology...

CHF 80'000.00

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CHF 225'000.00

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Ford Escort

This is the car for rally pilots!

CHF 70'000.00

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Ford Fiesta

If you are ecological, this car is for you as it's just the right colour and power.

CHF 5'000.00

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Honda Civic

If you're planning your first child, this is the car for you.

CHF 27'000.00

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Honda Prelude

You love lateral parking. This car is made for you as it knows how to turn its back wheels to make parking easier.

CHF 12'000.00

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Hyundai Coupé FX

The prettiest model of Hyundai coupés! And it goes like a bomb.

CHF 13'000.00

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