White Lilac

CHF 18.00

White Shrub

CHF 15.00




Anastasia reminds us of a long trip in the tropical forest. A superb orchid with an exotic touch.

CHF 37.00

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This frivolous little Peking rose is full of vivacity.

CHF 24.00

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Blue Gentian

This lovely flower is protected and very rare, justifying its high cost.

CHF 55.00

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Blue Pansy

Pansies are frequently found in floral decorations in town. They are very resistant and can be planted in pots on your balcony in...

CHF 14.00

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The daisy will tell you whether he or she loves you... a little... a lot... passionately... madly... or... not at all!! It is the...

CHF 45.00

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This superb bouquet of dandelions will remind you that spring is in the air. What's more, Dandelion leaves are edible.

5 (1)

CHF 28.00

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This bouquet of forget-me-nots beseeches you... Don't ever forget me!! Offer preferably to the person who always stands you up.

CHF 25.00

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Spring has come, mini skirts are blossoming again and the forsythia is glowing. A lovely bouquet in your living room will announce...

CHF 23.00

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Hong Kong

The beautiful Hong Kong rose will attract you with its bright colour and embellish your lounge or balcony.

CHF 38.00

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New Irina

This is the orchid you offer when you want to be forgiven... From Monday to Sunday, it is special every single day.

CHF 33.00

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Laurels make magnificent hedges and even flower at certain periods of the year. You can also make a crown to go to a fancy dress...

CHF 16.00

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Lilac Lilacs

When spring gives way to summer, what a pleasure to admire a beautiful bouquet of lilacs.

CHF 18.00

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If you take good care of this potted plant, it will grow into a little tree for you to lovingly plant in your garden.

CHF 21.00

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Mauve Crocus

Here is a pretty bouquet of mauve crocuses to brighten your garden after a hard winter.

CHF 31.00

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Mauve Provincial Clover

This little wonder will be a perfect success bordering your terrace. It grows very well with clover.

CHF 28.00

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Naomi is the orchid for special occasions. Weddings, births, birthdays or simply for the pleasure of offering. It is a flower of...

CHF 35.00

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Ochre Star

This little flower grows in the ochre coloured earth of certain regions of Provence.

CHF 35.00

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Ochre Thistle

This little flower will be like the sunshine in your garden. All you have to do is plant it in the right spot. Plenty of sunshine...

CHF 32.00

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Pink Shade

An assortment of pink roses with several different shades. Ideal for a magnificent bouquet for your beloved.

CHF 55.00

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This primrose, to enlighten the beginning of spring, is a welcome gift after a harsh winter.

CHF 23.00

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