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Nokia Business

CHF 179.00

Nokia Compact

CHF 139.00


CHF 159.00


For stuntmen

Here, we present you with a particulary solid collection of mobile telephones which don't break with the first fall...

Blue Nokia

This Nokia is small and practical with an attractive retro look. It is reasonably priced.

CHF 99.00CHF 79.00

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The Motorola leaflet looks very tempting indeed.

CHF 149.00

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Nokia Compact

Its size and compact appearance will appeal to you. It fits easily into your hand and you won't even feel it as it slides effortlessly...

CHF 139.00

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Sony Ericsson Sexy Red

This is the latest Sony Ericsson model. If you're looking for a novelty mobile phone, this one was made for you!

CHF 409.00

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Sony Ericsson Universal

Armed with this mobile phone, you will be equipped for a World Tour!

CHF 299.00

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