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Bath Bubbles

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Doberman Pacha

Pacha is an extremely gentle male. He is also an excellent guardian and will give kisses to your visitors.

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Dudu of the Dukes

Dudu of the Dukes is a beauceron crossed with a labrador and is three years old. He knows how to clear the living room table and...

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Ernest is an upper-class cat who takes good care of himself. He loves strutting in the garden and if he could smoke a pipe, he would.

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Esmeralda is a 20 year old mare. She is very experienced and would be a trustworthy mount for someone who is not a confirmed rider....

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Fiesta del Sol

Fiesta is a true circus performer. She has more that one trick up her sleeve. Posing for pictures is her favourite pastime!!

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Gizmo is a little dog destined only for sensible people. Be careful not to dip him in water after midnight or he may multiply, and...

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Goloso is a 13 year old gelded, pure thoroughbred, Spanish horse who stands out by being non-competitive. He is very stressed by...

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Hardy was born to be a film star. He is an English bulldog. Humour guaranteed !

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If you wish to have a discreet dog, Helmut would be perfect for you. You never know where he's hiding. Practical as a travel companion.

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Jack loves going to restaurants. He can linger for hours! He would be an excellent companion if you like prolonged aperitifs.

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Jagger has a Rolling Stones look that would make Mick turn quite pale. He is ready and raring to dash off on his next solo tour.

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Jerry is original for a German shepherd because of his black colour. He is very good-tempered and learns easily.

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Joker wears his name well. He is a faithful companion guaranteed to give you much joy and satisfaction. He will be a super nanny...

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Justine is a tiny, 4 year old, female Jack Russell. She loves being with humans and will sing her welcome to your visitors. She...

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Kali is pure Swiss Jura, through and through, and cannot deny his originis. He has a tough shell with a tender heart and will bring...

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Kiwi is Miss Boxer 2006. She is 3 rolled into 1. Grace, elegance and sweetness. You will be a great success with this Beauty on...

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Lassie is a puppy collie who will, no doubt, star in a future TV "Lassie" series. For the time being, this little puppy has much...

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Laurel is, of course, Hardy's great friend. He is a French bulldog with an English sense of humour...

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Known to her friends as Lola, Lolita knows that humans are big and always want to go for walks where there are a multitude of legs....

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Loopy is a 5 year old, gelded horse of Iberian origin. He loves to give you an amused look and will gladly greet you with one or...

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