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All horses are experienced walkers. However, those classified in the "Ramblers" category are generally medium-sized. They must be calm in nature, sure-footed and, most of all, their complicity with the rider is extremely important. The breed is of little importance in the choice of a rambler.


Benny is a superb, reddish brown horse with great elegance. He is very affectionate and obedient. He will carry you off into the...

CHF 13'000.00

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Cyrius is an excellent Fiord horse. He has much outdoor experience and his size and rustic appearance will immediately win you over...

CHF 7'500.00

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Goloso is a 13 year old gelded, pure thoroughbred, Spanish horse who stands out by being non-competitive. He is very stressed by...

CHF 24'000.00

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Joker wears his name well. He is a faithful companion guaranteed to give you much joy and satisfaction. He will be a super nanny...

CHF 9'500.00

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Kali is pure Swiss Jura, through and through, and cannot deny his originis. He has a tough shell with a tender heart and will bring...

CHF 8'000.00

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New Namibia

Namibia is a thoroughbred, Arabian, 6 year old mare. She is of Spanish descent on her mother's side and Russian on her father's....

CHF 23'000.00

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